Juan J. Gil, BBVA

Coach Agile-Lean en BBVA; Kanban Management Professional

Transformación cultural, nuevas formas de relación y colaboración en la realización del trabajo. Mejora continua.

David J Anderson

Chairman, Kanban University, Seattle, USA

David J Anderson - CEO of David J Anderson School of Management | Seattle | Bilbao & Chairman of Mauvius Group - the home of Kanban University.

Teodora Bozheva

Berriprocess, Bilbao, Spain

Lean Kanban Trainer and Coach. Co-author of the book "Kanban Maturity Model" Developing business agility.

Xavier Albaladejo

Mango: Agile-Lean (Executive) Coach and Organizational Transformation

MANGO. How to de-scale an organization. A path to achieve sustainable continuous transformation

Fernando Santaella BBVA:

Liderar, instrumentar e implementar el escalado de la metodología ágil en la organización.

Fernando Santaella es responsable de la Disciplina Agile en BBVA España.

Kaveh Kalantar

Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach

Zero to One with Kanban method at CEMEX

Shuman Ip

Loyalty One, Associate Director, Agile and Lean Practices, Agile Coach

"How Agile Are We? - an executive dashboard providing meaningful information"

Amanda Varella

Development Team Lead at Envato | Kanban Trainer

Kanban at Petrobras: how 30 teams delivered better results through the lens of ESP and KMM

Peter Kerschbaumer

Agile Coach Zurich insurance

Making Zurich Insurance Agile - A company with a 130 year history and 2,000 employees in Spain.

Dimitar Karaivanov

CEO and Co-founder of Kanbanize

Lean-thinker and a Kanban practitioner with background in the areas of software development and process improvement.

Andressa Chiara & Marco Dubovski

Agile Coach @ K21, Product Coordinator @ PagSeguro, Co-founder of Team of Thought

Adapting for success: revealing the customer's needs with Fit For Purpose.


Lean Kanban & Agile Coach

Making Zurich Insurance Agile - A company with a 130 year history and 2,000 employees in Spain.

Susanne Bartel

Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach

Breaking the Plateau with KMM

Todd Little

CEO, Mauvius Group, Seattle, USA

Risky Business: Real Options for Business Agility

Alexei Zheglov

Founder and Principal Consultant at Lean A-to-Z, Inc.

Co-author of Fit for Purpose & Founder and Principal Consultant at Lean A-to-Z, Inc.

Amit Kaulagekar

Lead Consultant - Process Quality - FIS / Sungard

“Business Agility at SunGard: applying Kanban and enterprise services planning to

Guillermo Montoya


Co-Founder and CEO of DEISER since 1998. Almost last eight years devoted to adapting Agile principles,

Steve McGee

CEO, David J Anderson School of Management, Seattle, USA

Steve McGee helps businesses survive disruption by helping senior management drive

Daniel Escudero Romero

Europe Regional Processes Head at CEMEX

Presentation Abstract: CEMEX is one of the largest building material producers in

Ivaylo Gueorguiev

Program Manager I Agile Coach & Trainer - European Software Institute

Dealing with dependencies and achieving smooth flow in 6 months

Sonya Siderova

Product Manager and Founder at Nave

By facilitating organizational change, Sonya has helped large-scale businesses meet and exceed value-focused objectives.

Adam WU & Michelle Cheng

Chief Consultant of Agilean, KCP, AKT.

Several key factors Chinese major banks adopted to enhance business agility and smoothen their FinTech journey.

Michelle Cheng

Founder & CEO of Agilean

Founder & CEO of Agilean, a 9-year old company which has become the leading business agility consulting provider in China